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VIDEO THAT EVERYONE SHARES: See how the brave cat chased away the bear and defended the house

The brave cat chased away the bear

Cameron, who also observed the encounter, said he was surprised to see Tiger bristle and move towards the bear.

The fearless Canadian cat, who regularly chases away dogs that come close to his house, was not too much of a bite even a big bear that wandered out of the forest.

This was shown by a video recording of their meeting on the approach to the house in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Brothers Gavin and Cameron (Cameron) Starok were loading things for camping in the car when they realized that there was a black bear in front of their house, and their two-year-old Bengal cat Tiger who was a step away, they told Global news.

– I didn’t notice right away, but my little cat was there. He was a few steps away from the bear, I was afraid it would eat him – said Gavin.

Gavin tried to move Tiger away, but the cat did not respond to calls, so Gavin began recording the encounter, which he posted on TikTok.

Cameron, who also observed the encounter, said that he was surprised when he saw that the Tiger bristled and started towards the bear and chased the large animal away in a few seconds.

  • I saw how the cat had just chased away the bear and I couldn’t believe it – said Cameron.