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‘The More, The Merrier!’ TEN Nurses At The Same Hospital Are Pregnant At The Same Time

A Missouri hospital has set a new record after it was revealed that ten nurses and one doctor were pregnant at the same time.

Liberty Hospital in Liberty is blessed with big bellies as eleven staff members, including ten nurses and one doctor, are all pregnant at the same time.

“They always do things in groups, but we’ve never had 10 at the same time. So, it’s been fun,” Birthing Center Director Nicki Kolling said in an interview with Fox4 KC.

©Liberty Hospital

It has since come to light that all of the staffers are expected to give birth this year, whereas two of them even have the same due date.

“There’s a lot of nurses saying they won’t drink the water. One of the nurses actually brought her own water bottle the other night and I was joking with her. I was like, ‘Oh, you’re really not drinking the water,’” 29-year-old postpartum nurse Hannah Miller, who is one of the pregnant staff members, told Good Morning America.

©Liberty Hospital

According to the reports, all pregnant women are expected to give birth sometime between now and Thanksgiving.

“I think it’s really unique because it’s all in the same unit,” OB-GYN Dr. Anna Gorman, who is expecting her second child, said as she revealed most of the pregnant ladies are from the obstetrics and delivery department.

©Liberty Hospital

“And especially like our population ratio, I think is quite high. So sure, it happens, but it’s pretty exciting when it’s this big.”

While the hospital may soon have to deal with staff shortage and find temporary replacements for the pregnant nurses, the ladies find it very helpful and comforting to be pregnant at the same time.

©Liberty Hospital

“It’s helped so much with my pregnancy and helped me feel so much more comfortable,” labor and delivery nurse Christen Burns said.

“This is definitely a great experience and it’s something that I feel like we’ll probably bond over for a lifetime, having the babies due around the same time,” labor and delivery nurse Alex Atcheson added.

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