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Jennifer Lopez Begins Social Media Frenzy By Calling Her Collab Performance With Shakira ‘The World’s Worst Idea’

Jennifer Lopez is not a fan of her Super Bowl performance in 2020 where she was forced to share the stage with Columbian superstar singer Shakira.

The famous celeb referred to the decision as one of the world’s worst ideas and even went about claiming how it was an absolute nightmare for her.

Many were obviously shocked because both these singers have huge talent and incredible voices. Therefore, it makes great sense as to why they were put together.

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But coming out in the open with such claims was definitely an eye-opener for many people in the entertainment industry.

Interestingly, we saw the halftime be released on Netflix on June 8, 2022. And that lasted for a good 90 minutes. Moreover, in that particular documentary, we saw the pop music icon as one that continued to complain about her great frustration regarding the matter.

The event took place at the famous Hardrock Stadium and that meant they both had 14 minutes, giving them a total of seven minutes each to complete their performance on their hit tracks.

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While the fans strongly felt that it was a fabulous idea, we can see why it got more praise than expected because it was taking place during an era when so many people were suffering from depression and were deeply annoyed relating to the matter. After all, COVID-19 was at its peak and the lockdowns and restrictions continued.

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But seeing J.Lo. hating the suggestion from day one really shocked many as they had no idea that something like that was going through her mind.

“We only had six f**king minutes. And that made it just 30 seconds per track. And we had five left. There are a certain number of songs we had to sing and these are moments to shine”- the celeb revealed.

Source: Mirror

Clearly, having two vocal powerhouses in the same house was definitely not the best idea in the world. What do you think?