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Intensify Sexual Intimacy in Marriage With Intimate Love (X-Rated Sexual Tips)

We often feel extreme intimacy in television commercials, erotic movies and romantic novels. Also, sometimes an extremely erotic porn movie makes us wild instantly. We feel ourselves lost in the charm of these things. It is a very common thing among us which keep us following women all the time. We try our best to attract our woman/wife and keep the intimate love in our life. Although, we successfully attract our woman and keep her happy in the initial stages of relationship but, unfortunately, we get fail in keeping the intimacy alive in our relationship/marriage.

What I feel is that, we can never create intimacy in our marriage by only giving orgasms to our women. Do not take me wrong here, orgasms are definitely very important but they are not the only thing for creating intimacy. If you only focus on giving your woman orgasms then soon you will turn yourself into a vibrator for women. A woman wants to feel intimacy, fun, sexuality and passion in her life. She always desires a man who can win her with intimate love and keep the sexual energy alive.

I seriously do not understand that how is it possible to create intimacy instantly by giving flowers or doing romantic things. You can never intensify sexual intimacy in marriage if you do not make your relationship meaningful. According to me, first, you should turn your small fish into a sexual whale in order to enjoy the sexual intimacy in marriage. You can turn your woman into a sexual whale by doing many things. Here I am giving you three tips that will attract her, make her sexual and give you more sex, more often.

1. Dynamic Personality.
2. Rich Sexual Environment.
3. Sexual Intimacy (X-Rated Sexual Tips).

These three things will not only make your relationship meaningful but also intensify the sexual intimacy in marriage.


It is a much known fact that a woman always likes to change her man’s personality. The important thing to remember is that your body language, humor or conversation skills are not the only things that make your personality dynamic. There are many things or traits which superstars are holding in their personalities. If body language is the only thing for attracting women then why do you feel uneasy when you stand beside a superstar? It is because superstars create actual attraction and make women drool over them.

If you want to create a dynamic personality then you have to be a passionate man in your life. You have to achieve your goals passionately. Women drool over superstars because they are passionate about their lives. They achieve their goals passionately and keep their values on higher ranks. Their very small statements become news headlines and this is only because they never compromise on their values.

Their higher values keep them sexual in the eyes of women. They know that values are extremely important when it comes to create dynamic personality. Regardless of how much money you have in your bank accounts, how much you are confident about yourself or what you have achieved in your career, you have to be a valuable man in order to get respect and love from women. Your high values make you desirable for women.

You can keep your values high in many ways. For example, use the power of well tailored suit and attaché case. These things not only make you dynamic but also earn respect for you. Always remember one thing; if you are not a man with dynamic personality then you can never intensify sexual intimacy in marriage. A woman always wants to do intimate love with a dynamic man.


Intimacy in marriage can not be created by giving flowers or gifts. It is a treasure which can be achieved only by creating rich sexual environment. Fortunately, you can create the rich sexual environment in order to intensify the sexual intimacy in marriage. You just need to take care in the details because details are very important for women. Women are much better than men when it comes to noticing things in detail. So, despite giving her flowers or gifts, first, turn her into a playful girl.

I know that many of you have never tried to make your woman playful. This is the first biggest mistake of us which ends the intimacy from marriage. You should unlock the playful side of your woman and make her proud of her sexuality. However, if your woman is dominant in relationship then you can still end her authority by turning her into a playful girl. You can make her playful in many ways. For example, force her to wear bright colors dresses. Bright colors change the identity of a woman and make her feel naughty.

Next, make her wear high heels so that she can feel proud of her sexuality. She always stays loyal with you when you let her feel proud of her sexuality. When you make her feel sexual, you become a desirable man for her. That’s why, a hot female superstar always chooses a man who let her shine in front of the world and make her feel proud of her sexuality.

You automatically turn her into a sexual whale by doing these above things. By making her playful, you not only escalate the intimate love in your relationship but also become an authoritative man with dynamic personality. I did not want to trap you in two to three things. That’s why; I told you all these basic things so that you can create actual attraction. When you turn your woman/wife into a sexual playful girl, you always keep the rich sexual environment in your marriage.

3. SEXUAL INTIMACY (X-Rated Sexual Tips).

It is easy to dominate the psychology of women with the power of sexual intimacy. As I said before, women notice everything in detail. If you make the details sexual then you can intensify the sexual intimacy in marriage. So, how to make the details sexual and create sexual intimacy in marriage? Well, use silk bed sheets and yellow candle lights because these things keep the sexual intimacy alive during wild love making sessions.