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I’m 65 Years Old And I Never Go To The Doctor, How Do I Get It? I Only Take This 3 Times A Week

I’m 65 Years Old And I Never Go To The Doctor, How Do I Get It? I Only Take This 3 Times A Week

Oregano oil as a medicine has long been good in its healing properties, and it is known that the Babylonians especially appreciated it and used it for the treatment of lung and heart disease.

Nowadays, oregano is one of the most powerful natural agents with antiseptic and antibiotic effects. Believe it or not, modern research has come to the conclusion that oregano oil is an equally effective agent against infections as much as modern antibiotics, and even more. This oil is effective against 25 different bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

Here is the list of the most famous:
Staphylococcus aureus,
Escherichia coli,
Candida fungus …
The logical conclusion is that it is an excellent preventive agent against colds and flu.

Oregano oil

Oregano oil provides positive results in the treatment of many diseases and disorders and is most commonly used:

for the treatment of colds and flu
– against inflammation of the sinus
– against bronchitis
– against throat infection
– against infection of the mouth and nose
– for the control of intestinal parasites
– for the control of fungal diseases
– to reduce infections and skin irritation
– to treat acne
– against asthma
– for strengthening the immunity

It is important to know that here we are talking about oregano oil obtained from the wild oregano leaf, not the one we are used to using as a mandatory pizza and other Mediterranean dishes. Wild oregano grows at high altitudes (1500-2000 m) and is not used as a spice.

Wild oregano oil should not be used by persons suffering from an iron deficiency in the body, as it can lead to the absorption of this mineral in the body, people with high blood pressure, heart patients, pregnant women, and nursing mothers.


300 ml of water
3 tbs of fresh oregano or 1 tbs of dried oregano
Put the oregano in boiling water. Leave 1o minutes to stay covered in a cup. Sweeten with raw honey or sugar.

Consume 3 times per week or 1/2 cups daily until the problem disappears.