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Home » Global food scarcity is part of the Great Reset strategy, according to alternative media throughout the world.

Global food scarcity is part of the Great Reset strategy, according to alternative media throughout the world.

Brace yourself for an engineered famine as the globalists continue their push for the Great Reset.

“The breadlines are coming my friends, and this supply chain issue is absolutely catastrophic. And it comes from so many different angles right now,” World Alternative Media CEO Josh Sigurdson told his viewers in a recent episode of his outfit’s namesake podcast.

He pointed to reports saying the food crisis is about to get worse after China announced that winter wheat condition could be worst in history.

China’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Tang Renjian said on Saturday, March 5, that rare heavy rainfall last year delayed the planting of about one-third of the normal wheat acreage.

“Not long ago we went to the grassroots to do a survey and many farming experts and technicians told us that crop conditions this year could be the worst in history,” he said. “This year’s grain production indeed faces huge difficulties.”

The timing of his statement is dubious at best.

Wheat prices are now at a record $12.94 per bushel, up 70 percent over the last month as the war between major wheat producers Russia and Ukraine continues. The conflict has already curbed exports of crops, triggering shortages and setting the stage for worsening food inflation.

Together, Russia and Ukraine supply over a quarter of the world’s wheat, which is also sold in some of the poorest countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

“Why on Earth would the Chinese government purposely stop the full production of wheat? They blame it on climate change; they blame it on all sorts of different things,” Sigurdson said.

But he knows where it’s headed.

“Of course, that’s part of the agenda. But the main agenda going forward seems to be – well, you probably heard it many times before – the Great Reset.”

Great Reset endgame is dire

This is all tied to the Great Reset agenda, Sigurdson said, and the endgame is dire.

“You’ll have nothing and you’ll be happy; you’ll be in a line and beg for food, but you’ll get it for free. Don’t worry, the government will give it to you for free as long as you’re willing to give your mind, body and soul to the government and become an infinite bot. This is a transhumanist agenda. They have been pushing this for so long.”

Sigurdson related that in 2019, there’s a huge billboard promotion throughout the United States for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) using Woody Harrelson and the “Zombieland” movie. The billboards are supposedly about being prepared for catastrophic events, but Sigurdson has a different view.

“FEMA doesn’t want you to be prepared. They always rub in your face what they’re going to do before it happens with the collapse of the supply chain. That means people are going to be on their knees begging for help from the state, no matter how much antigovernment they are,” he said.

“Most people aren’t prepared. They don’t have long-term storable foods. They don’t have anything like this and therefore they become a slave to the state by their own lack of doing and that’s what we’re going to see here.”

Full scale assault on humanity

Sigurdson said there will be people lined up and breadlines with food ration.

“This is the beginning of the full scale assault on humanity – the transhumanist agenda, technocracy rising into social credit systems worldwide. And we’re on the cusp of it at this moment, and we are already in it in many places.”

Globalists testing their weapons

In line with Sigurdson’s perspective, political commentator and radio host Glenn Beck said the globalists may have enabled the invasion of Ukraine to test its weapons against a powerhouse country.

The first weapon of the globalists being tested against Russia is the sanctions. “I’ve never seen sanctions like this ever before. Total and complete,” said Beck.

The second, according to Beck, is the globalists’ military-industrial complexes that are heavily arming Ukraine. At least 13 different nations, either in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or in the European Union have already sent military aid to Ukraine to test if proxy wars are still capable of taking down the enemies of the globalists.

These countries have already sent billions of dollars worth of military aid to Ukraine, including over $1.3 billion of aid from the U.S. alone. These include ammunition, small arms, larger weapons like artillery pieces, anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons and military vehicles like fighter jets.

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