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Home » Doctors’ Warning: Stop Using Aluminum Foil NOW Or Face DEADLY CONSEQUENCES!

Doctors’ Warning: Stop Using Aluminum Foil NOW Or Face DEADLY CONSEQUENCES!

What’s your favorite wrapping material for leftover food?

If your answer is aluminum foil, you’d better be sitting down before you read any further. 

Aluminum foil is such a familiar kitchen item because it has been around for so long. But did you know that using this friendly item actually puts you at some serious long-term health risks? Make sure you read on to find out exactly what’s at stake. This could affect your whole family. Of course, the decision is yours, but what the research shows is pretty alarming…

via offthegridnews / chicaandjo
via offthegridnews / chicaandjo

Bottom line is this: every time you use aluminum foil in the kitchen, you are gambling with your own health.

To elaborate, you must realize that aluminum is considered a neurotoxic heavy metal that, as shown by years of evidence, is linked to Alzheimer’s disease. 

Any exposure to this metal can lead to decline in your mental health — to be specific, your coordination, balance, and memory are at stake. Once you accumulate enough in your body to be considered “poisoned” from it, the damage it’s done on you is…permanent. Like in Alzheimer’s patients, you may experience gaps in memory that leave you unable to experience life to the fullest.

Doesn’t look so good now, does it?… (Image via

Your mental faculties isn’t the only thing aluminum takes a toll on.

Physically, your bones are vulnerable to it too. Aluminum takes up space in your bones that could be used by calcium. If you think about it, this means that calcium and other essential minerals are losing out. You’re bound to be more likely to break bones when you fall, and be generally more fragile.

This is, of course, something you want to avoid — and you can, by making the right choice today. 

So we got the mental and physical parts down. How about your inner organs? Are they safe from the gruesome shadow of aluminum?

As you probably guessed by now, the answer is a NO.

Your lungs are at risk here. As you cook with aluminum, you end up breathing in aluminum particles. Study after study shows that they are responsible for respiratory problems, such as pulmonary fibrosis. Even if you’re grilling outside, the presence of aluminum foil near a heat source can lead to these adverse outcomes. Your lungs are likely getting destroyed…little by little.

Also make sure you’re not accidentally ingesting (eating) aluminum foil pieces either. It’s possible to chew off a tiny piece of foil when you’re eating food wrapped in it, but it’s also highly likely that tiny aluminum particles end up seeping inside your food when you cook food wrapped in foil at high temperatures.

Using lemons makes this worse, so if you absolutely must use aluminum foil, make sure you’re at least not using lemons in the recipe too.

via science.howstuffworks /GLOWIMAGES/GETTY IMAGES
via science. howstuffworks /GLOWIMAGES/GETTY IMAGES

The World Health Organization warns people to take in less than 60mg of aluminum a day. However, a study by Dr. Essam Zubaidy shows that a meal cooked in tin foil contained an average of 400mg of aluminum — this is way over 6 times the acceptable amount for the day! This is outrageous and a definitely unnecessary threat to our own health.

Make the right choice today by choosing to eliminate aluminum from your kitchen. Do it for your loved ones and yourself!