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Home » Doctors Say Avocado Hand Is Becoming A Real Problem and They Need Labels to Protect People From Them

Doctors Say Avocado Hand Is Becoming A Real Problem and They Need Labels to Protect People From Them

Most of us hardly pay any visit to the kitchen department in our homes and whenever we do we think of ourselves as a master chef who has already conquered the world of cooking.

Well, beware, it may look simple but it is not.

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In 2012 Meryl Streep had to go under a hand surgery after she had a mis-happening in her kitchen when she was trying to chop an Avocado. It looks like Streep took the trend way ahead of its time on her hand because Avocado had is now getting popular.

For god’s sake, someone please put some brain in the minds of these people who are fooling enough to slice an Avocado by holding it in their hand.

The green fat food is a thick one and cannot be chopped off by holding in hands, especially by amateurs. Where is the brain gone from people? These experiments are resulting in Avocado hands.


Now, what are Avocado hands? Well, mis-happening due to the involvement of an Avocado has raised up on the scale. Doctors say they are seeing as much as 4 cases a week of the same.

All the top chef involved in the practice of telling the benefits of the fat fruit must be crying out loud. The one thing now they definitely teach to these people are the kitchen safety rules.

The problem is not limited inside the boundaries of America alone, the reports are coming from the UK as well. The news reports are stating that the incidents are on a rise in London.

The reports says that these incidents often happen at the brunch time on weekends when people try to use their hand in eating healthy and end up in chopping their own hand rather than then chopping the fruit carefully.


Put some brain in your mind people. You will need your hand more than you need an Avocado. Please look forward to that and stop being so stupid about things that should be of the prime concern.

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