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Do you have these signs of HORMONAL IMBALANCE

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Signs of hormonal imbalance are so much more common in the modern age than ever before.

And hormonal imbalance can masquerade as so many different issues so one is not always sure what is going on. But when your hormones are not balanced you feel things are just off. Sometimes signs of hormonal imbalance are subtle and as hormones affect all bodily functions, pin pointing where the problem is coming from is challenging.

Signs that your hormones are off may present as signs of aging adn we tend to dismiss such.  So if you have found yourself walking into a room only to ask yourself, ” what did I come in here for?”

Or perhaps you find that pounds upon pounds have piled upon you,  and you are not very successful in shedding them off in spite of doing all the right things.

Or maybe, you find yourself tossing and turning when you go to bed, or even maybe,  you are just a tad bit more snappy, moody, irritable, and who wouldn’t be if they can’t sleep well, and/or are weighed down by bloat and other uncomfortable bodily issues?

Just maybe, you are suffering from hormonal imbalance.

In this modern world-a world that is too fast-paced and therefore brings on too much stress, a world where food comes in packages, things pass for food that really shouldn’t have that name, and countless hours are whiled away gazing at tiny screens, and indoors, many health issues are becoming the norm, sadly to say.

One such health issue is a hormonal imbalance, a condition that many suffer from and some may not even be aware of.

Sometimes we take it as just the normal course of aging, or the condition of being female.

We can fight hormonal imbalance. And science is proving we can succeed.

Perhaps, ladies, we don’t have to suffer so very much. Maybe those PMS episodes don’t have to be so horrid, and those hot flushes can be minimized or avoided.

During one’s lifetime, hormonal fluctuations can be expected, during such times as puberty, pregnancy, and menstruation, and during perimenopause and menopause.

Still, there are times when hormonal balance can be tipped over by various other causes other than these naturally expected parts of being female, growth, development, and aging.

But first, what are Hormones?

Hormones are chemical messengers produced by the various endocrine organs/glands in the body or the endocrine system.

Some hormones are produced by other tissues that normally are not classified as endocrine glands such as the GI tract and the GI Mucosa which produces hormones such as gastrin, gastrone, secretin, cholecystokinin, that are important for digestion.

The  Kidneys also has an endocrine role as they produce erythropoietin, a hormone important for producing blood cells.

Hormones are produced in the endocrine glands and each hormone has a certain job to do

Hormones also work in concert with the nervous system and drive the function of cells and organs in the body.

The brain endocrine communication regulates mood, stress levels and responses, energy, and metabolism as well as energy balance, influencing weight, and even sex drive.